WELCOME to 2020 – Message


Here we are starting a New Year.  I hope to publish the report of the AG held at the end of November in the next few days.  We had around 30 members present.  Conseil will meet in the next few years to conider what we can organise for 2020.

However, the meeting did not produce a new secretary for the library.  This is a necessary post for the library to function practically and legally.  We also need a volunteer with some knowledge and skill to take over managing the website.  Again for smooth running of the library this is a necessary and urgent function to fulfil.

I would be very grateful for some interested psople to contact myself or another member of conseol to discuss the roles.  It is rather necessary to be on the internet and some knowledge of spreadsheets is always an advantage!

I look forward to meeting members when I am in the library on most saturday mornings or occasionally friday.  Please also if you meet any young french students who I hope will begin to visit the library, do take some time to talk to them and make them feel welcome!

Damian Trafford