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Whether you use a desktop; laptop; tablet or a smartphone; here you can submit a simple post ready for review by one of the library editors, in five easily steps.

  1. Choose a Title.. 4 to 38 letters minimum, special characters are not allowed for example [ ” # ‘ ? : % $ £ @ & ^ ! \ / – ]
  2. Add your text content.. As this is a simple post this text will show beneath your featured post image.
  3. Set the tags.. We have pre populated a list of tags for you to choose from, please find the nearest match to your content. You will not be able to write your own. This helps cross relate other posts with similar subjects.  For additional tag words that don’t exist please request these via Support contact form .  Hit enter to select Tags one by one, and or typing the first letter when the field is selected.
  4. Drag, drop, take a photo or click to choose a picture to upload..(must be royalty free) This is for your featured post image, please note, this will be placed at the top of your post, the image will be resized to 720px in width if larger upon upload. However smaller pictures will work too but may not look as aesthetically pleasing, all uploaded photos will be centred and correctly oriented when saved.
  5. Submit.. for review.. This will then submit the post for official review and once verified it will be published and will be displayed on the front homepage recent post carousel for all to view.

Note.. You can save a personal draft that can be previewed by you only before fully submitting (please read on below for further detail) .

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The above Submit button only submits your post for review and will not publish it, this will be completed by an Editor who will be notified by email that your post is awaiting moderation before being published. Once submitted you will no longer be able to edit your submission.

Save Draft.
Alternatively to the Submit button, you can hold this post for further personal editing before final submission by clicking  Save Draft,  this will save ( store ) this post for later revision by you under your own membership website account, before officially submitting it for Editorial review. ( Note at this point you can now preview your personal post by clicking on the orange highlighted title ).

Again please note..
Once your post has been fully Submitted for review it will no longer be editable but can still be deleted by you via the Post List below.

Post List.
The area below will display your own individual post list, no posts will be listed until your first post has been fully Submitted for review, or as Save Draft for your own personal editable copy for later administration and final personal preview and submission.  Here you can also remove your post if you don’t wish to submit it,  you can do this via the highlighted word – Delete – to the right of you post in the Post List below. Once you have more than one post associated to your account (Listed) you can also utilise the highlighted word – Edit – to choose a post to revise and update ( This feature will only be available to personally – Save Draft – posts ).

Further Notes..
If you require the post to be edited after you have fully submitted it, an Administrator can do this for you upon request. You can also contact a member of the Conseil or an administrator via the message centre (button below) or via the  support contact form, which is under the Members Area menu.

Please refer to the library’s Privacy Policy for finer details regards media requirements.
Please keep in mind that non internal embedded links that you include in the above post that lead to various other websites are sole responsibility of the post author and not the responsibility or administered by the library.You will also need to be be aware, due to the nature  of varying departments and communes the above information is subject to change & you will have to personally verify the above details posted by you the author of the post (in this case a library member) regarding your specific area of France.
Copyright – all artwork or material on this website are protected under the standard copyright infringement, any non Library or company logo or recognised company artwork must have explicit permission requested via email and the acknowledgment sent to before being published on the Library website via the USP. Beside personally created artwork (photos / pictures) or any other artwork not created by the library membership and used on the website must be under the free to share licence and or royalty free.
“The following information is given on the understanding that it is the individuals responsibility to verify any / all information with the appropriate Authority / Entreprise concerned, before posting it or acting upon it.”