Suggestions from Members

There is a suggestion box located in the foyer of the library.  We welcome constructive comments, ideas for future events and any suggestions you may have to make the library a great place to visit and join.  Comments and suggestions can be as forthright as you wish but should be constructive.

Below are the suggestions we have received so far from our members.

  • More social events, ie. horticulture fete/WI type of event
  • Garden party/picnic – people bringing food to share
  • Treasure trail
  • BBQ at lunch time instead of late afternoon. Members could be asked which they prefer
  • Assembly Generale in the afternoon (perhaps more members would attend)
  • More new books to be purchased by library. Not to include donation of books by member
  • More childrens’ books
  • State maximum number of books allowed
  • David Walliam’s books
  • Childrens’s films i.e. Jurassic Park, Minions film, Christmas Vacation
  • Paper Towers, author John Green
  • Start a Cycling Club
  • Open on Wednesday afternoons

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback ideas.  Please keep it coming,  all suggestions will be considered although you must remember that we only have limited funds.