Services and Utilities

Orange (formerly France Telecom) is currently the only operator who can install or reactivate fixed landlines. Even if choosing another operator for the fixed landline services, it is necessary to subscribe to rent the phone line from Orange.

Orange has an English-speaking customer service helpline.
Tel (from France):  09 69 36 39 00
Tel (from abroad): 00 33 969 36 39 00
Press 1 for Technical support
Press 2 for Commercial support including registration, invoices, billing queries, line activation, changing personal details and moving home queries.

Orange Live Box:
If you have the Orange Livebox system, then you can use VOIP through that and not have to pay the line rental if you wish.

Mobile 4G via Router:
Orange also have the 4g network available under the SOSH card, if you are lucky enough to be near a mast. This has much higher speeds, please note it is limited to 40Gb per month of data. You can utilise a Wireless Router that takes a Sim Card to join the network.

Becoming unlisted or ex-directory: 
There are two ex-directory/unlisted options which can be subscribed to. Both are free services and registration can be made online by entering the relevant number, along with an email address and contact telephone number.
1. The Liste Rouge removes all details of a subscriber’s telephone number from the directories issued by Orange, both printed and online. Additionally the telephone number will not be disclosed by telephone number services.
For more information on Liste Rouge see details here (in French)
2. The Liste Orange removes details of the telephone number from Orange directories as well as unsolicited telesales or marketing call lists. For more information see details here

Satellite Broadband:
Another service to consider if you don’t want to have a permanent French landline is SatBroadband,  they offer broadband with a british IP scope and a VOIP telephone line. This is a service you can install yourself or have professionally installed on a permanent or rental basis.

British TV:
You can have your satellite dish aligned to the British TV satellite in order to watch British TV via your digital receiver box. However, via this route, there is no online catch-up TV availability, so you will need to make other online arrangements and pay a monthly fee for an Expat service uktelecom.

For different channel service information french & english satellite Netflix news etc see details here

Electricity:      EDF

+33 (0)9 69 36 63 83

EDF helpline (English speaking) monday to saturday, 8 am to 9 pm.
Website in English: EDF-Residential

Water:             SAUR

Guéret, +33 (0)5 87 23 10 00

Main + 33 (0)1 30 60 84 00

The main national suppliers of domestic water in France are Veolia were formerly Générale des Eaux, and SAUR  alternate contact  for SAUR if you establish you are serviced by them can be made here.  Not all communes are serviced by these suppliers; new owners or tenants should contact the local mairie (town hall) to find out contact details of their local supplier if they are unsure.
To get connected, contact the water supplier on the day of the move. Previous owners or tenants can generally provide contact details of their supplier.  In most cases, name, address, and bank account details are sufficient to transfer or to set up a new contract.  Water bills can be paid every month, four times per year or twice a year. Customers pay for the amount of water consumed, which is calculated by reading the meter located close to the mains valve.  Payment can be made by direct debit, cheque or cash.
In an emergency, Contact the local water supplier, the number for which will be on the bill. If there is no bill to hand, contact the main switchboard telephone number of the supplier or the local mairie if in doubt.

 Foss Septique:         SPANC

SPANC is a regulatory body which advises on your requirements for your Foss Septique. It issues certificates which confirm that SPANC has inspected and confirms adherence to SPANC’s regulations.

Waste Management and Recycling:
In this region, there is a communal system of waste disposal. Nearby to your house, there will be large brown and blue bins with wheels. These do not move anywhere else, they stay put and are emptied every 2 weeks (in summer the brown one is sometimes steam-cleaned as well). The brown bin takes your general waste, but not recyclables. It is expected that your brown bin waste will be placed in plastic sacks for hygiene purposes. The blue bin is for regular recyclables (plastics, cardboard, paper) but NOT FOR GLASS ITEMS. For your glass bottles and jars, you must recycle these at the green bottle bank type units which you find conveniently placed alongside many roads near villages and in towns.

Waste Management listings for:

Haute Vienne


The Tip: (Déchetterie)
If you have many items, or large items to dispose of, then the Decheterie is the place to take them. You will find that there are helpers there to direct you to the correct receptacle for your items. It is surprising how many types of items that can be disposed of there, even things like garden waste, oils and paints can be disposed.

The Decheterie also have a service once every month, where they come round the villages and collect really heavy items for free. You need to check with the local Mairie for dates, or the Decheterie itself.

Déchetterie listings for:

Haute Vienne 


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Due to the nature of varying departments and communes the above information is subject to change & you will have to personally verify the above details regarding your specific area of France.

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