New Membership Cards

You may already be aware that, after much deliberation, Conseil have decided to reinstate membership cards and membership numbers for all library users.

Everyone who uses library facilities ie. attends a library group meeting or borrows books and/or DVDs is expected to be a member of the library and will therefore be covered under the library’s insurance.  Those who attend library groups and who are not members, will be expected to join the library so that they are also covered under the library’s insurance.

Each library group will have a register for each session and attendees will need to record their name and membership number on the register, along with the payment due for the particular group they are attending.  This amount covers the library’s expenses and a drink.  If no membership number has been issued, that person will be asked to join the library.  Failure to do so, may result in them being excluded from attending any library group in the future.

Members of the Gardening Group will be covered by the library’s insurance when they are out and about but they MUST be members of the library.

All members who renew after 2018 or join the library as a new member will be given a membership card by the librarian,  you will then keep the same card each year at renewal.  If your card is damaged, you can take your existing card into the library and receive a new one.

Your membership card MUST be shown if requested each time you borrow books, DVDs or attend a library group meeting.

We hope members will understand why membership cards have been reintroduced.  We believe that they should make the library run more efficiently.