Membership Renewal 2019

Gentle Reminder….

There are still a small number of members that haven’t renewed their membership this year.

If you would like to renew you can do this via cash in the library or online by logging on and clicking here using PayPal or Debit/Credit card.

To borrow books and attend group sessions it is a requirement that you are a member of the library.

Please assist the volunteers by paying your fees if you are asked.

For group sessions it is only fair to all attendees that everyone attending is a member of the library.

We will soon be introducing a limitation whereby you will not be allowed to attend groups or borrow books if you have not renewed your membership…..please do not be offended if you are refused access to group sessions or use of the library.

If you wish to manage your membership details you can do so on the website under the membership area on the main menu, this is only accessible once you have logged in.


Jane Perryman

Membership Secretary