Membership Registration

Membership of the library is €12 per household for the year – from the 1st January to 31st December. Members joining part-way through the year will pay pro rata on the remaining months up to 31st December.  We now also have a new secure  online PayPal & Card payment facility.

New membership cards can be collected from the library, please ask at the desk for your card, further information can be found here.  Members must show their cards when borrowing books and or DVDs and when attending library group meetings.  Finally if you have any further questions that are not answered by the previous information you can contact one of the Conseil members via this page.

User Registration

orange-lockPlease complete the registration form and submit it to create your user membership account. You will also be able to view & update your membership details using this very same form after your account activation. Once submitted you will receive an email to validate and activate your account, please click on the link, this will then direct you to the Activation page where you can login with your submitted username and password in the sidebar..

Please choose the relevant registration type to invoke the correct payment options.
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All online payments are handled via PayPal's own gateway on their website, the English library does not collect or store any CC data.
By providing us with your email address, this implies your permission for us to contact you by email and send you updates about library activities as and when appropriate.  Regular updates are sent via email from the library, there are 6 mail groups, if you wish to unsubscribe from these you can do so individually via the link provided that comes with the mail notification, please read our privacy policy regarding this which is always persistent at the foot of every page on the library's website.