Member Activation

Thank you for activating your membership account. Whether you have registered and submitted your details personally via the normal online registration form, or your membership details were imported for you, then there will be a further welcome email to confirm you user ID and a link to set your password if not already previously set.

Please

After you have received the welcome email;  if you had your details imported for you then please click the set password link; don’t be put off by the suggested password;  it is there to give you an idea for good security. However you can clear this and then set your own password.

If you registered via the website registration form you can now login via the login prompt in the side bar to the right with your confirmed user ID and previously set password.


So what does it mean to have a library membership account?

The fact of the matter is,  La Souterraine English Library as an Association stores your personal membership identifying data; data comes in multiple forms (name, email, address, etc on paper and more).  The library needs a modern online central location where your personal details can be securely protected;  and administered; deleted or transferred in accordance with GDPR legislation before the deadline of the 25th of May 2018.

All necessary work has been covered as regards the above, all that is now needed is for you to set your password for your new account and while you are logged in, you can check to see if your details are up to date and administer them if necessary.

The benefits of an account will give you access to your stored protected details and the administration that goes with them. This also means an easier communication process for any or all forms that you fill in online as all the main fields will be populated with your details when you are logged in.

Later as the library’s local and expat knowledge base grows and information is uploaded, your membership account will give you access to a wealth of growing information as it becomes available.

For more information about GDPR please browse this simplified but interesting Website

And of course if you didn’t have time to read our privacy policy earlier, here it is again below..

Privacy Policy (Mentions Legales)