Library Presidency

You will recall that in late August, John Essom announced that he wished to relinquish the role of co-President as soon as possible, and certainly no later than the next Assemblée Générale.

John informed Conseil today that he now wishes to resign with immediate effect.  He has been advised that the health issues to which he referred in his August notification would be ameliorated by certain lifestyle changes, including avoiding stress.

The Library owes John a huge debt of gratitude.  He stepped forward at a time when the Library’s existence was under threat.  He found excellent volunteers to fill the other “Bureau” and “Conseil” roles and began the process of putting the Library back on its feet again.  I feel privileged to have shared the role of President with him over the past year.  I am sure we all wish John, and Sally, well and hope that shedding the burden of the role of President will produce an immediate reduction in stress levels.

When I offered my services as co-President, I made it clear that I was not prepared to be President on my own.  That remains my position.  However, there is no appetite among members of Conseil to hold an Assemblée Extraordinaire (EGM) to appoint a new co-President and we believe that sentiment to be shared by the membership.  I have decided that given the circumstances, I will continue without a co-President until the AGM.

One member has already expressed interest in replacing John but other expressions of interest are always welcome.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Conseil if you feel moved to help.

Steve Chicken