Library Photo Competition

In early August I announced a Photography Competition to be promoted by the Library’s Camera Club. I write now to give you further details.

Please Note.. This competition is not open to the members of the Library Camera Club.

With one payment of 5 € ( to general Library funds as below ), will entitle you to enter up to 3 photographs taken during summer ( June-September inclusive ) this year, payment can be made via the PayPal form followed by We Transfer for your images (instructions below).
A jury comprising members of the Camera Club will divide these entries into three categories:

  • Places
  • People and Animals
  • Land / Sea / Skyscapes

The jury will judge the entries without knowledge of who submitted them.  There will be a prize for the best photograph in each category. Other than cropping and basic adjustments to colour, exposure, contrast etc., we ask you not to edit your photographs.

Please send your photos to me ( photogeordie@aol.comby 20 September, using the free file transfer service (You do not need to create an account). If your email address does not make clear your name, please use the space available on the We Transfer “document” to tell me who you are.

Winners will be announced in October. Winning photographs will be displayed on the Library website alongside a selection of other entries.

Don’t be shy. Enter!!

Good luck.

Entries for the Library Photo Competition are now closed. Winning announcement to be made in October by the Camera Club group.

One last thing, by paying your entry fee, you agree to your photos being displayed on the Library’s website.

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If you are interested in joining the Camera Club or want to find out more, please contact Steve Chicken via the Library message centre or via the contact form on the  Camera Club group page.


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