Library Groups to Re-Start

Following the lockdown, at our recent meeting of Conseil, it was agreed that groups could restart in 2020.   Members of Groups will be contacted by the Group Leaders.  Numbers at each session will be limited in order to maintain distancing.  Arrangements will be made by the group leaders.   Drink faciltites will not be available in the library, and the fee will be reduced to 2euros.  Before you leave the library you will be responsible for cleaning your and chair with a suitable wipe. 

ART GROUP:  Meets at the Maison d’Associations and members will be contacted by Kim Tunnicliffe about re-starting.   


Carol Eldridge’s groups will restart on Thursdays, morning and afternoon.  The Library will not be open on Thursday for exchanging books.  

Friday Afternoon group:  Allan Holmes does not feel able to attend groups himself but is happy for Alain Pruchon to recommence the groups.  Alain will make contact.

Francesco’s Wednesday Group:  You will be contacted by Francesco.

CAMERA CLUB:   Contact Steve Chicken

Damian Trafford,      President

Linda Bates,         Secretary