LIBRARY GROUPS are meeting

Following the lockdown, Conseil, agreed that groups could restart in July 2020.                       Numbers at each session will be limited if necessary in order to maintain distancing.  Arrangements will be made by the group leaders.   Drink faciltites will not be available in the library, and the fee will be reduced to 2euros.  Before you leave the library you will be responsible for cleaning your table and chair with a suitable wipe. 

ART GROUP:  Meets at the Maison d’Associations.  Anyone interested should contact Kim Tunnicliffe in the library.   


Carol Eldridge’s groups meet on Thursdays, morning and afternoon, for different levels and for English and French speakers.  The Library will not be open on Thursday for exchanging books.  

Friday Afternoon group:  Allan Holmes does not feel able to attend groups himself but Alain Pruchon is organizing meetings on Fridays.   

Francesco’s Wednesday Group:  is not meeting but is having online exercises.  Contact the library if interested in joining.

CAMERA CLUB:   Contact Steve Chicken

Use the library email for queries which can be passed on to the relevant person:

Damian Trafford,      President                                                                    Linda Bates,         Secretary