Ladef Kart Race

So just as a reminder that it is that time of year again for the local town Kart race. Last year everybody was prepared, however if I remember correctly the heavens opened up and would not allow any of it and the event was cancelled. Lets hope for good weather for a great fun event on Sunday the 9th of June held and organised by LADEF in La Souterraine. Association address details are at the foot of this post and at the foot of the original French PDF.

With permission to share this document from LADEF the following details are given as a rough English translation of the french PDF for the LADEF Kart event. Please forgive if not exact, to register you will need to make use of the printable original French PDF document immediately below.
Defcars application and regulation (French)

PDF application contents

Course of the day:
11h00 : Reception of competitors / Control of soap boxes 12h00 : Resto
13h30: Test runs
3:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Timed rounds
7:30 pm to 8:00 pm: Award ceremony
8:30 pm: Concert
Rétier Emmanuel
Blanchard Guillaume
Registration :
The registration form attached to the regulations before June 5, 2019
Available on or contact us at


Article 1 – Competitors

The Defcars competition is open to all persons over 16 years of age and with parental consent. For minors, parental or guardian authorization must be obtained at registration.
Drivers compete for the originality of the vehicle and/or for speed.

Article 2 – The characteristics of the Defcar

The Defcar must have at least 3 wheels, a steering, an efficient braking system and no sharp parts. The steering movements must be transmitted with a minimum of play.
Brakes are mandatory, they will be subject to a strict check during the roadworthiness test. A braking failure or inadequate braking may result in exclusion from the competition.

Only the energy provided by gravity and by the pilot (or passenger) when moving his body is allowed. Any other device supplying energy is prohibited (pedals, springs, handwheels, electricity, etc.). During towing, only one driver will be allowed in the vehicle; each vehicle will be equipped with 2 centred anchorage points (1 at the front and the other at the rear) and

will have a nylon rope or a 2 to 4m strap with mandatory snap hooks. Metal towing cables are prohibited. A highly visible number, assigned by the organisation on the day of the event, must be able to be fixed at the front and on both sides of the vehicle as well as on the competitor’s number.

Technical Standards Defcar (3 wheels) Defcar (4 wheels)

Maximum length 2m

Maximum width 2m

Braking required Yes

Maximum weight (with pilot and possible passenger) 250 kg

Number of persons 1 or 2

Article 3 – Competitors’ equipment

Each competitor must have a bib with the number of his Defcar clearly visible. A helmet (no bike helmet), gloves, closed shoes, legged and long-sleeved clothing are mandatory.
Elbow and knee pads are strongly recommended as well as foam protections on the vehicle.

Article 4 – Conduct of the competition

Pre-registration of the pilot and any passenger (see attached sheet),
Verification of authorizations for minors and certificates of civil liability for all,
Technical inspection of vehicles: total weight (Defcar + driver + possible passenger), brakes, steering,…(according to article 2)
Test runs in the morning, Timed rounds in the afternoon. Award ceremony.

No weight changes will be allowed after the check.
Each Defcar will only be allowed one run per run.
The pilot and the potential passenger cannot be changed after registration. Each descent will be done with the same crew until the end of the competition.
The starting push will be made by a single person between 2 coloured lines drawn on the ground.

Article 5 – Insurance

Each participant in the race must be insured for bodily risks and have civil liability (certificates required when checking vehicles).

Article 6 – Race Direction

The application of the regulations and the control of vehicles are the sole responsibility of the organizers. Mobile Defcars that do not provide the necessary security guarantees, either during the initial inspection or during the competition, will be excluded.
The race director, the timekeeper and his assistants are the only persons qualified to judge the speed events.

The organisers reserve the right to limit the number of Defcars.

Article 7 – Classification

The ranking is done at the best time set by Defcar.
In the event of a tie, the best first run will decide between the competitors. Award categories

originality (Defcar and pilot)
fastest (Defcar 3 wheel/4 wheel – 1p/2p)

Article 8 – Advertising and image rights

Advertising is allowed (except alcohol and tobacco) but must not have any political or religious character.
Each participant consents to the use of his name, image or Defcar for advertising or promotional purposes.

Article 9 – Preparation and repair

Participants will be able to set up stands to carry out repairs or improvements to their Defcars. Any change in the characteristics must be reported to the race management.

Article 10 – Security

All arrangements will be made by the organization to ensure safety on race day: prior information to local residents,
closing the circuit,
prohibition of parking and traffic (by municipal decree),

installation of protections (barriers, straw bales, ribbons), presence of commissioners ensuring security (among others), presence of medical assistance/first aid.

Registrtion form Price 10 € per box
Defcar 3 wheels (1 or 2 people) Defcar 4 wheels (1 or 2 people)

3rd edition of soap crates
Sunday, June 9, 2019
La Souterraine.To be returned before June 5, 2019 with your payment made payable to LADEF (L’Association de Détente et d’Événement Festif) to the following address:
Ladef 7 place du fort – 23300 La Souterraine

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