IMPORTANT Vacancy for Secretary

After more than 3 years as Secretary, seeing to day to day administration for the Association, answering email queries, assisting with organization and publicity and the actual setting up and clearing up for events, Jane Perryman has decided to retire from the post. The library membership owes her a big vote of thanks.

She will at least for the present continue as Membership Secretary.

The secretary of the Association is a statutory position and needs to be filled for us to continue to run both practically and legally! I am therefore asking for people to think whether they could carry out this role and to come forward. Our AGM will be at the end of November, but it would be good to have someone already taking on the role to be officially confirmed by the AGM.

if you are interested you can contact myself or any of the Conseil/Bureau via the website message centre. Don’t be shy! Come forward and contact us.

Damian Trafford


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