Good Read For October

The Fifth Victim

By Franck Linol. (Fiction)

ISBN 9791069919198

A new local author for the library.

I have been busy reading the first book in the Meurtres en Limousin, Murder in the Limousin series, charting the adventures of Inspector Franck Dumontel as he travels the region solving crimes. There are currently ten novels in the series, which have proved incredibly popular with French readers, selling more than 40,000 copies to date.

Author Franck Linol is Limousin through and through and for expats who speak fluent French, his books will contain many familiar locations and landmarks. In order to bring his characters to a wider audience, however, Franck has teamed up with local expat Jim Fisher, and the first book of the series – The Fifth Victim – has been translated into English and is available to buy.

The cover notes themselves state Henning Mankell a favourite author of mine as an inspiration and his influences are evident in this book. The familiar setting may seem bucolic, but there is an underlying darkness to the story and the murders are suitably grisly.

We meet Inspector Dumontel following his recent return to his beloved Limousin after 25 years in Paris. Following the breakdown of a long-term relationship

and a brief battle with depression, Dumontel requests a transfer back to Limoges to be nearer his ex-wife and his ailing father. Settling back into rural life and revisiting some of his favourite childhood locations and enjoying a glass of wine and a good meal along the way Dumontel’s hopes of a simpler life soon take a turn for the worse following a brutal murder.

Over the course of the investigation, as Dumontel and his eager but inexperienced partner Dany Marval unravel the mystery, old childhood secrets are dredged up, bringing the murders closer and closer to home for the seasoned inspector and building to a denouement that keeps satisfyingly within genre “rules”.

The story skips along at a good pace and at 330 pages of well spaced text, it is a light meal of a novel that could easily be digested in one long, lazy afternoon, not a stodgy Sunday roast providing leftovers for the rest of the week. For fans of the region, there is plenty of familiar territory here and the author’s fondness for the land of his birth is evident throughout.

The pair hope to eventually translate all the books in the series, but The Fifth Victim is already available from a number of locations across the region. More outlets are being added all the time, We have a copy here at the English Library.

The fifth victim


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