Good Read For-October-II

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

By Tom Ang  (Non-Fiction)

ISBN 9781405333078


Tom Ang is the author of this great book containing many hints and much advice on How to Photograph Absolutely Anything.   He gives straightforward instructions allowing the photographer to discover the best approach, the equipment needed and “tricks of the trade” to turn a good picture into a great one.

If you’re looking for a general reference book that is more inspiration than reference, this is probably the book for you.

His tricks of the trade cover subjects such as children’s parties, seasonal celebrations Diwali throuth Chanukah to Christmas as well as still-lfe and sports – in fact almost every subject you can think of and almost everything you need know about photographing almost absolutely everything, is in the book!

As is usual with DK books, the stunning illustrations throughout guide the photographer on a journey to produce stunning images –  just jump into the sections you want to experiment with and learn, with practice, how to produce those great images.

Hundreds of inspirational photographs, alongside detailed step by step instructions make for a great book;  clear instructions by Tom Ang prove that the amateur photographer can take outstanding images without expensive or extensive photography courses.

You won’t be an expert photographer after reading or going through this book, but you will have some techniques up your sleeve to create some wonderful photographs.  Inspirational!

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