Good Read For-January

The Illustrated Story of Art

Various contributors (Non-Fiction)

ISBN  9781409316084

A fascinating read covering five ages, namely Ancient and Medieval, Renaissance and Mannerism, Baroque and Neoclassicism, the 19th Century and The Modern Age.

DK have come up trumps again with hunderds of pieces of artwork and masses of clearly written information.

For those interested in art generally, this is the book.   At the opening of each of the five ages, there is a summary of events that took place and which may have affected the artists;  their creative impulses are explained by way of turning-point avant garde paintings which are identified and explained.  It gives links to each style and movement, its period and time-frame and the current events of the time.   As well, the five ages show just how much art was and is affected by contemporary political events, as well as the beliefs of the people.  All this is backed up by wonderful images of the main paintings affiliated to each section.

The reader will appreciate why Boudin’s Beach Scene inspired the impressionist movement and why Monet’s Grainstacks defined it.   There is also a great glossary of terms.   So all in all, a fascinating way to muse through the various aspects of the Story of Art.

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