Gardening Group

The Library Gardening Group meets on the third Tuesday of every month and currently consists of about 45 members. is The current Chairman is Mike Aspland  and the Secretary is Jean Woodcote. Their members range from inexperienced to very experienced gardeners but all are keen to gain further knowledge, share experiences and techniques, visit members’ and public gardens and have some fun. Each meeting sees more new members joining the group. During the winter months, meetings take place inside but while the weather is good, members are keen to show others in the group their gardens where meetings take place. Visits to public gardens are also on the agenda.

To participate in the Group, you would need to be a Library member.  Just pop into the Library and pay the equivalent of €2 a month.

Topics covered at meetings include gardening problems, tips and advice and we are also keen to share recipes which can use up some of the surplus produce.

As the Gardening group is an affiliation to the English library therefore to help cover running costs there is a €2 contribution per person per meeting.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us using the form below for further information.

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