Camera Club-November

Adepleted group met on Friday 3rd November with many having returned to the UK either for the winter or permanently.  Following our trip to Bourganauf, we chatted about the venue and viewed the images we all took.   None of us was particularly enamoured with the venue although we did enjoy the warm, sunny day and the lunch at the end of the photo shoot.

We all agreed that to help us improve our photography, we would submit just three meaningful shots at each meeting, thus giving time for more detailed and frank discussion of each image.

November’s project – Glass/Windows was next on the Agenda.   As always, there was a wide variety of images to look at – some more interesting and composed than others.   Another outing will be arranged, a late afternoon gathering in La Souterraine when we will have four or five specific things to photograph. Our submissions will no doubt produce much comment – with the different subjects being taken from different angles by each of us.

Turn, drag the cube with the mouse then click on any of the images on any of the cube faces to see the picture in full view or view the whole album.

Our next meeting will be on 12th December at 14.00 in the Library when we will be looking at our take on Tryptic ….restricted to three triptychs. Come along, join us over coffee and biscuits and see what we can come up with by way of groups of three.   Just pop into the Library and pay the equivalent of €1 a month.

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