Camera Club March

Eight members of the Camera Club gathered on Tuesday 12 March to review images submitted for the February topic, “A colour” and to chat generally about photographic issues. The 5 old-hands present welcomed 3 debutants, Corinne & Nick Sutton and Julia Hide. As always, the images showed a variety of approaches, interpretations and levels of inspiration. In our typically British way, our encouraging and appreciative comments were fulsome and our analysis of faults understated and gentle. Having discovered that we are easy-going and welcoming, it seems likely that the 3 new members will continue to attend. As usual, examples of the photos submitted can be viewed on “the cube”.

Turn, drag the cube with the mouse then click on any of the images on any of the cube faces to see the picture in full view or to view the whole album.

We held a brief discussion about the possibility and practicality of holding a photographic competition amongst Library members to raise money for general Library funds. Everyone seemed to think it was an idea worth pursuing. Further announcements will follow.

We meet again on 9 April to review images of “Still life”, the March topic.

If you are interested in joining the Camera Club or want to find out more, please contact Steve Chicken via the Library message centre or via the contact form on the  Camera Club group page.



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