Camera Club-July

Flight of Fancy
Flight of Fancy submitted by Steve Chicken

Notes from July’s gathering:

While covering in Pat’s absence, the 7 of us present managed to behave ourselves.  We reviewed the photographs presented for the topic “Any old iron…” and were once again amazed by the variety of photographs and the ingenuity of some members in their interpretation of the subject.  First prize for this latter aspect was John’s excellent image of the sun entitled “4.5 billion-year-old iron“.

In addition to the review of the photographs, we had a useful 45 minutes reviewing the fundamental importance of “the exposure triangle”, studying the desirable, and undesirable, effects of altering shutter speed, aperture and light sensitivity (ISO).

Below is the gallery of which holds a sample of this months contributing shots along with the notes that relate to most of them.

Turn, drag the cube with the mouse then click on any of the images on any of the cube faces to see the picture in full view or to view the whole album.

Brian, had submitted work which was mostly in relative close-up.  The textures were excellent and the occasional use of black & white and post-production worked well.  “10 Harbourside early morning La Rochelle” drew much favourable comment and we would all like to learn more from Brian about the lighting of this shot.  (Brian had submitted a couple of pre-processing RAW images to support the JPEGs, inviting us to discuss our views on post-production manipulation. Unfortunately, these RAW images could not be opened.)

David’s photos were strong on texture; “Broken” and “Essential Equipment” being prime examples.  “Not going anywhere” was judged by David to be interesting but lacking in a clear focal point.  For the rest of us, this photo suggested the underlying reason for Northern Rail’s recent problems.

Jacqui presented photos which were clearly consistent with the subject. As well as the traditional photo from an exotic location (this time, Cap Verde), we saw moving images from Oradour-sur-Glane and nostalgia-provoking shots of an old typewriter and a steam train.

John had been making good use of his macro lens, but the stand-out photo for most of us was “4.5 million year old iron”  As well as being a cracking shot, the imaginative way in which John had stretched the subject definition to include the sun left us gasping in admiration!

Pat, who was clearly in “do as I say, not as I do” mode, had submitted a massive 9 photos!  Photos of old iron they certainly were and two, “Metal Barrier” and “Not ANY old iron!” stood out for their depth of field and exotic location respectively.

Confessing that the subject had failed to inspire him, Steve had initially submitted 6 fairly mundane shots, of which “Plus 4s & tweeds” seemed the most pleasing.  However, on Tuesday morning, he added “Links”, a photograph he was much happier with.

Three of Susan’s photos provoked discussion.  The discussion of “Cow Bell” had nothing to do with photography but rather the merits and de-merits of covering the rusty surface of such an object with blacking.  The shadows in “Decorated window” and the definition-meeting “Rescued from the canal” drew appreciative comments from the Group.

Andrew P, having only recently returned to the camera, used the subject as an opportunity to play with depth of field.  His photos, taken around the Perryman estate, showed strong diagonal lines, good textures and fine metalwork!

So, if you fancy joining us for some laughs, coffee and viewing some interesting “takes” on back alleys, come along to the Library at 14.00 on Tuesday 14th August ….

Steve Chicken.