Camera Club-February

Abandoned Buildings  was the subject to photograph during the month of February.   Six members went out and about to capture images to reflect the project and they had the following to say about the photographs taken.

Turn, drag the cube with the mouse then click on any of the images on any of the cube faces to see the picture in full view or to view the whole album.

David and Susan : they mentioned Tesco Folly,  buildings bought by Tesco with a view to expanding a store, however the project was abandoned!   Susan found La Perriere which is near Le Dorat and was used in the novel Les Ruines.  Offices and Warehouse were two buildings spotted whilst strolling along a canal towpathy -they both were good subjects for Abandoned Buildings.

Jacqui:  the images captured were taken on a very windy seafront walk in Great Yarmouth (UK).   Charroux Abbey was spied on a visit to the Literary Festival whilst the others were spied on various meanders and were snapped in readiness for Abandoned Buildings.

John:   apart from the Bourganeuf image, all the rest were taken within an 8 km radius around Lauriere in the Limousin.

Pat:   “Abandoned in the Middle of Nowhere” – happened upon this whilst walking through a tiny commune.   Seemed so sad to be on the periphery of a community but not wanted!

“Ibizan Playground” is actually a disused Bull Ring out in the Ibizan countryside.   Although derelict and somewhat dangerous, it is used by local youngsters as an exciting playground.

“No hope” is a little stone building at the side of our garden.  When we bought our house to renovate, it was whole and we tried to buy it, but sadly, he wouldn’t sell and it’s now tumbling down,  beyond redemption – a wonderful home for various wildlife!

“Still used though” houses the public toilets at the edge of the lake in La Souterraine.   Never having had cause to use said toilets, I’m not sure whether they are abandoned or not – but I love the artistic decoration!

“They’ve stamped their mark”, again showing the old Bull Ring in Ibiza.   Used by the locals to practice Banksy-type art.

Steve:  “A Sense of Foreboding”.   This house in our village has been empty for a while, but it’s only just6 recently that we noticed the old lace curtain coming out through the broken window.   Somehow, it adds a darker quality to the scene.

“In Need of a Little TLC” .  The same house again.   In London , a good estate agent could make this sound like a des.res.!

“Shutters that Rattle in the Night”.  A neighbour’s barn, held up only by inertia and willpower.

“Sinister – it’s that house again”.   I rind ruins like these really sinister and difficult to approach.

“Still Standing”.   That barn again.

I used Google NIK software on all of these shots to try to emphasise the sense of desolation  and decay surrounding these buildings.