Camera club-December

A triptych cat ……. one of many triptych images to be seen on the Cube

It must be winter or Christmas!   Many members have returned to the UK, either for good or just for the winter, leaving numbers somewhat depleted.  Despite that, three of us had good chat over coffee and biscuits on Tuesday.  The possibility of a local evening meeting in the New Year was discussed as were ideas for raising funds for the library – such as a Family Portrait session –  more to come in the New Year.

Turn, drag the cube with the mouse then click on any of the images on any of the cube faces to see the picture in full view or view the whole album.

As with November’s meeting, Members attending were greatly reduced we felt that perhaps it was time to have a winter break – so we will not meet now until next March or April

Our Triptych images brought some laughs, not least with David’s poor hybrid cat: discussions on what constituted a triptych and suggestions as to what other images would be good for such a project.

As you can see, our images are now displayed on the new whizzy whizzy cube – just click on  an image and as if by magic, they stretch out to be easily viewed.

So that’s all for now, we wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and all the best for the New Year – one last thing  – watch this space for further information, photographs and general news…..