Café Art Displays


  • January – February: Madame Nicole Delgoulet
  • March – April:  Art Group Exhibition
  • May – June:   Painting workshop from St Dizier Leyrenne
  • July – August:  TBA
  • September – October:  TBA
  • November- December: TBA

We welcome artists to the library and are happy to exhibit their works in the coffee shop for a period of two months.

This month and next, we are showing art by Madame Nicole Delgoulet. Nicole has had a varied career, at the moment she is a librarian in Gueret.

Nicole started painting at the age of 18. She is self-taught and her inspiration comes from various artistic influences, such as Zao Wou Ki, Shiatao, the Impressionists …
She enjoys all art techniques : pastel, ink which she applies with her fingers to produce a more sensual result, pen, acrylic, oil and water-colours, which are the most difficult of skills.

Nicole’s style constantly changes and she has had various cycles and sources of inspiration : Ponds, sunsets, night-time, houses, trees, people and always cats which she wishes to honour by putting them on canvass. She wants to share her world and her emotions with the visitors to enable them to step into her Universe.

They are for sale, if you are interested or If you require any further information on the Café art displays please contact me (Alan Whitten)  via the form below.

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