Café Art Displays


  • January – February: Madame Nicole Delgoulet
  • March – April:  Art Group Exhibition
  • May – June:   Painting workshop from St Dizier Leyrenne
  • July – September:  Mme Josette Rosier
  • October – November:  Library Camera Club Photo Exhibition
  • December – January 2020: TBA

We welcome artists to the library and are happy to exhibit their works in the coffee shop for a period of two or three months.

This month and next, we are showing a varied selection of the works of the library’s own photographic group.

Their meetings are lively, the subjects discussed are always thought provoking or headache provoking, depending on your point of view; and new members are always very welcome.

Contact Stephen Chicken via the Camera Club group page if you would like more details.

My name is Alan Whitten, if you are interested in displaying your artwork or if you require any further information on the Café art display, please contact me via the message centre or by the the contact form below.

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