Co-President: Steve Chicken

Treasurer: Corinne Sutton

Secretary: Jane Perryman
Website Liaison: — | —
Membership Secretary: — | —


Library co-ordinator: Christine Seaman

Events co-ordinator: Jan Pitwell

Cafe co-ordinator: Sally Hill

French Liasion: Linda Makanga

Integration Co-ordinator: Damian Trafford

The Bureau (Office) comprises those members of the Conseil elected to the roles required by the Library’s statutes – President(s), Secretary and Treasurer. The Bureau members are revised and elected once every  year.

The Conseil (Council) is the name of the group of members elected to oversee the affairs of the Library. The Conseil members are revised and elected once every three years.

Bureau / Conseil Meetings are held together on a regular basis, if  a subject matter is discussed and if a decision is called for and the outcome is undetermined then the Bureau have the casting vote.

Those members of the Conseil who do not form part of the Bureau are advisors to the Bureau and currently also have individual co-ordinating responsibilities, i.e. Library co-ordinator, Events co-ordinator, Café co-ordinator, Integration Co-ordinator and French liaison.