Art Group

The Art Group is led by Glyn Smith and made up of people who are all interested in art and who have different levels of abilities.

When first starting, many of our members said they could not draw or had no idea where to start, but when it comes to it we all want to learn and so that desire motivates us to be determined to do well.

Each member brings their own art materials.

The sessions are based around pencil drawing in order to strengthen everyone’s drawing skills.  This approach seems to have worked well.  However, as time goes by the group will no doubt move on to more painterly works

Our members have mixed abilities, styles and experience but all have a desire to enjoy their time creating art.  If you would like to have a go, come along and we’ll all support you to learn more about creating art.

To join the Group, you would need to be a Library member.  Just pop into the Library and pay the equivalent of €1 a month.

We meet for classes on Wednesday mornings between 09.30h and 12.00h at the Maison Des Associations. 

For details of the location please visit the above link or contact the group leader via the form below.

€4 is collected for use of the facilities, Coffee &  biscuit included.

If you would like further information about the Art Group please contact Glyn by the contact form below.

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