Actors: Henry Fonda

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Le jour le plus long

1944. Les Alliés se préparent pour la grande offensive qu’ils ont prévue en Normandie et qui devrait définitivement débarrasser l’Europe du fléau nazi. Chaque état-major est en effervescence. Le général Eisenhower hésite quant à la date fixée, le 6 juin, en raison du mauvais temps. L’atterrissage des troupes aéroportées et le débarquement sur cinq plages normandes s’annoncent difficiles. Il faut créer des diversions pour semer la confusion chez l’ennemi. Pendant ce temps, la plus grande...

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On Golden Pond

For Norman and Ethel Thayer, this summer on golden pond is filled with conflict and resolution. When their daughter Chelsea arrives, the family is forced to renew the bonds of love and overcome the generational friction that has existed for years. Norman must find his way through his anger and fear of growing old, while Chelsea struggles to rebuild their relationship. Ethel’s consistent support of her “Knight in shining armor” is inspirational in its simplicity....

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The Serpent

Vlassov is a Soviet spy who defects in France. He is whisked to the U.S, where Allan Davies takes over the case. After polygraph tests and cross-examinations, Vlassov names several Western European agents who are also spying for the Soviets. Davies wants to take the listed agents into custody; meanwhile, those on the list start dying under mysterious circumstances.

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The Longest Day

The retelling of June 6, 1944, from the perspectives of the Germans, US, British, Canadians, and the Free French. Marshall Erwin Rommel, touring the defenses being established as part of the Reich’s Atlantic Wall, notes to his officers that when the Allied invasion comes they must be stopped on the beach. “For the Allies as well as the Germans, it will be the longest day”