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  • New exhibition of paintings for February/March
  • Friday 3 March 19:00h – Quiz
  • Wednesday 29 March – Assembly Generale
  • Brocante end of March – date to be agreed
  • Saturday 29 April – Cheese and Wine Tasting
  • Sunday 28 May – Finger Buffet Lunch at Vieilleville

More details on all these events further down the page ……

Library Survey

A summary of the library survey is now available to view here along with the graphs of the Yes, No and Don’t Know answers.  All individual responses are available in the library to view in a folder along with hard copies of the graphs and summary report.  Findings and actions will also be highlighted at the Assembly Generale at the end of March.  Thank you to all our members who took the time to complete the survey and to give us their views.

Would you like to get involved?

Following on from the survey and the feedback, we are looking for some volunteers to take on and ‘own’ specific roles at the library.  These are:

  • An Events Co-ordinator
  • A Cafe Organiser
  • A ‘Members’ Pack’ Organiser
  • Someone to create publicity for events, tickets, bookmarks, etc.

If you have the skills or just fancy trying something different to help with the library, please get in touch with,

New Exhibition of Paintings February/March

This month and next, we are showing the work of Madame Pierrette Guyonnet.

Mme Guyonnet says that she has always loved drawing but had never wanted to take up painting without some instruction and guidance. Her working career did not allow enough leisure time to properly pursue painting or drawing. However in 1997, she decided to interrupt her career as a teacher and to take a course of instruction in Bourganeuf with Mr. Bigey.  She attended his lessons until some two years ago when he left Bourganeuf.  She did continue to take guidance and advice from him whilst painting at his home in Saint Goussaud from time to time.  Mme Guyonnet believes that there are rules to respect in painting and one cannot make progress alone.

She particularly likes the painting of the impressionists and has always been drawn to Claude Monet’s works with his changes of colour according to the light and movement of the scene; also Renoir with his warm colours.  She likes painting flowers, landscapes, the occasional still life or scenes from life.  When she travels, she takes lots of photographs and then, when she returns home, tries to recapture the images in her paintings.

Not all her time is spent painting because she is also keen on patchwork, cartonnage, coaching and physical activities.

For further information, please contact Alan Whitten via e-mail on

French Lessons

Lizzie Snowden has changed the days she teaches at the library.  New lessons are as follows:

Thursday afternoon: Beginners 14:00-15:00h, Intermediate 15:15-16:15h, Intermediate plus 16:30-17:30h
Friday morning: Beginners 9:45-10:45h, Intermediate 11:00-12:00h.

There is no charge for missed weeks/holidays and if you have any questions or want to get in touch to  confirm attendance, please do not hesitate to contact Lizzie via email or by telephoning 07840 55672.  The cost is €10 per lesson to include a hot drink.

Brocante News

Brocante will no longer be displayed in the foyer and we are planning to hold a sale every three months to raise funds for the library. We would still like your donations of brocante which MUST be taken upstairs and given to the librarian. We welcome all donations in good, clean condition but cannot accept any electrical items as we cannot guarantee their safety. Please do not leave any donations in the foyer. Dates for the brocante sales will be communicated in due course so watch this space. Thank you for your donations.

Art Group

The Art Group meets every Wednesday in the library starting at 09:30h.  The cost will be €2 to include a cup of coffee.  For further information, please contact Glyn.

Library Membership

It’s time to renew your membership to the library for 2017.  Membership costs €12 per year per household; great value at €1/month for all that the library has to offer and we encourage everyone to attends any of the library groups to become a member.  New members joining part-way through the year will pay €1/month up to 31 December.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 3 March at 19:00h – Quiz.  Tables of 4 at €5/person and bring your own refreshments.  Numbers are limited so please reserve via or by calling in at the library.
  • Wednesday 29 March 2017 at 14:30h – Library Assembly Generale.  Further details to follow.
  • Brocante end of March – dates to be agreed,
  • Saturday 29 April at 19:00h – Cheese and Wine Tasting.  The evening will consist of a number of tasting rounds where teams are challenged to identify the nature of a wine from three descriptions involving colour, aroma and taste. The descriptions will be given in both English and French to make this an exciting evening. One round will be designed to identify cheeses to challenge the cheese experts!  Numbers are  limited to 36 and Nibbles will be included. Tickets on sale later in March at €9/person and must be purchased by Saturday 22 April so that we can cater for exact numbers.  REMEMBER TO BOOK EARLY.
  • Sunday 28 May – Finger Buffet Lunch at 13:00h on the day of the Classic Car Show at Vieilleville.  Tickets will be €7/person and numbers limited to 50.  Tickets on sale on Saturday 22 April.

Local Authors

We have now compiled a list of local authors who are associated with the library.  Click on the link to have a look and you can also find their work on our bookshelves so do have a look.  We have some very talented local people.

New Book Purchases

Do you know that the library also buys a lot of books as well as receiving book donations?  We have compiled a list of books already purchased which you can find here.  If you would like the library to purchase a particular book, please talk to the librarians but please bear in mind that we don’t have unlimited funds.

Suggestions from Members

Please keep the suggestions coming in but please make them constructive and useful. We’re getting a lot of repetive suggestions so please have a look at what people have already suggested here.

library-entrance2The library building is an historic building dating from the 15th century and belongs to the La Souterraine mairie who kindly allow us to use it rent free. The library is an association and was founded in 2009. Read more about the library.